Content Disclaimer

We depict all characters only as adult persons (aged 18+) in our artworks. To emphasize this, we draw the character with pubic hair, adult body, large breasts, large buttocks, large vulva, and large penis. We believe all these physical attributes are distinctive of adult characters. You are entitled to your own opinion, but we affirm that the age of characters in a work of art is determined only by the creator of the artwork – i.e. us. If you hold a different opinion, we kindly ask you to leave this website.

All depictions are parody in nature for the purpose of fair use of the original characters owned by their respective authors. In line with this, we also impart new physical features to the characters to create a new sexual adult protagonist with human genitals.

This site should not be perceived as a commercial project; all the funds raised are used to support this website and it is not a means of deriving a profit.